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Displaying view in an IFrame CRM 2011

I was getting number of requests to update my earlier post Displaying view in Iframe which broke after UR12. Sorry for the delay, Now I got sometime to update this article to make it work after UR12.

Scenario:  Displaying Primary Contact's 'All Activities' view in an I-Frame which is on Account form.

1. Create an Iframe on the Account form and add to the form. Iframe properties

  2. Add the following code into a web resource and attach web resource on to the form.

/// <summary>
/// loadIFrame method will be main method which needs to be called to Load View into IFrame
/// Here in this example we will be dsiplaying primary contact's All Activities on the Account form
/// </summary>

function loadIFrame() {
    // Get Primary Contact of Account
    var primarycontact = Xrm.Page.getAttribute("primarycontactid").getValue();
    if (primarycontact != null && primarycontact[0].id != null) {
        primarycontactId = primarycontact[0].id;

        window.fetchActivtities = new FetchViewer("IFRAME_ShowView"); // IFRAME_ShowView = ID of Iframe
        fetchActivtities.FetchXml = getFetchXml(primarycontactId); // Pass primarycontact GUID as parameter
        fetchActivtities.LayoutXml = getLayoutXml();
        fetchActivtities.Entity = "activitypointer";   //Fetching entity schema name
        fetchActivtities.QueryId = "{00000000-0000-0000-00AA-000010001902}"; // view GUID, here its 'All Activities' view GUID
        fetchActivtities.RegisterOnTab(1); //IFRAME TAB INDEX where Iframe located


/// <summary>
/// Gets FetchXML
/// </summary>
/// <param name="primarycontactId">Accounts Primary Contact ID</param>

function getFetchXml(primarycontactId) {

    //  FetchXML Query of view, you can get it from Adv. Find or Customizations.xml 

    return '<fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" mapping="logical" distinct="false">'+
              '<entity name="activitypointer">'+
                '<attribute name="activitytypecode" />'+
                '<attribute name="subject" />'+
                '<attribute name="statecode" />'+
                '<attribute name="prioritycode" />'+
                '<attribute name="modifiedon" />'+
                '<attribute name="activityid" />'+
                '<attribute name="instancetypecode" />'+
                '<order attribute="modifiedon" descending="false" />'+
                '<filter type="and">'+
                  '<condition attribute="regardingobjectid" operator="eq"  value="'+primarycontactId+'" />'+
                '</filter>' +
                '<link-entity name="systemuser" from="systemuserid" to="owninguser" visible="false" link-type="outer" alias="activitypointerowningusersystemusersystemuserid">'+
                  '<attribute name="internalemailaddress" />'+
              '</entity>' +


/// <summary>
/// Layout of Gridview
/// </summary>

function getLayoutXml() {

    // grid layout, you can get easily from Customization.xml file
    return  '<grid name="resultset" object="4200" jump="subject" select="1" preview="1" icon="1">'+
                '<row name="result" id="activityid" multiobjectidfield="activitytypecode">'+
                  '<cell name="subject" width="180" />'+
                  '<cell name="regardingobjectid" width="110" />'+
                  '<cell name="activitytypecode" width="100" />'+
                  '<cell name="statecode" width="100" />'+
                  '<cell name="ownerid" width="120" />'+
                  '<cell name="prioritycode" width="100" />'+
                  '<cell name="scheduledstart" width="140" />'+
                  '<cell name="scheduledend" width="140" />'+
                  '<cell name="activitypointerowningusersystemusersystemuserid.internalemailaddress" width="100" disableSorting="1" />'+
                  '<cell name="createdby" width="100" />'+
                  '<cell name="instancetypecode" width="100" ishidden="1" />'+
                '</row>' +


/// <summary>
/// Fetch IFrame content
/// </summary>
function FetchViewer(iframeId) {

    var Instance = this;
    var vDynamicForm;
    var m_iframeTab;
    var m_iframeDoc;

    Instance.Entity = "";
    Instance.Iframe = null;
    Instance.FetchXml = "";
    Instance.QueryId = "";
    Instance.LayoutXml = "";

    Instance.RegisterOnTab = function (tabIndex) {
        Instance.Iframe = document.getElementById(iframeId);

        if (!Instance.Iframe)
            return alert("Iframe " + iframeId + " is undefined");

        m_iframeDoc = getIframeDocument();
        var loadingGifHTML = "<table height='100%' width='100%' style='cursor:wait'>";
        loadingGifHTML += "<tr>";
        loadingGifHTML += "<td valign='middle' align='center'>";
        loadingGifHTML += "<img alt='' src='/_imgs/AdvFind/progress.gif'/>";
        loadingGifHTML += "<div/><b>Loading View...</b>";
        loadingGifHTML += "</td></tr></table>";
        m_iframeDoc.body.innerHTML = loadingGifHTML;


    function RefreshOnReadyStateChange() {

        if (Instance.Iframe.readyState != 'complete')


    /// <summary>
    /// Loads Iframe with the view   
    /// </summary>
    Instance.Refresh = function () {

        if (!Instance.Iframe)
            return alert("Iframe " + iframeId + " is undefined");

        m_iframeDoc = getIframeDocument();

        Instance.Iframe.detachEvent("onreadystatechange", RefreshOnReadyStateChange);

        var create = m_iframeDoc.createElement;
        var append1 = m_iframeDoc.appendChild;

        var vDynamicForm = document.createElement("form");
        vDynamicForm.setAttribute('method', "post");
        vDynamicForm.setAttribute('name', "vDynamicForm");
        var FetchXml = document.createElement("input");
        FetchXml.setAttribute('type', "hidden");
        FetchXml.setAttribute('name', "FetchXml");

        var LayoutXml = document.createElement("input");
        LayoutXml.setAttribute('type', "hidden");
        LayoutXml.setAttribute('name', "LayoutXml");

        var EntityName = document.createElement("input");
        EntityName.setAttribute('type', "hidden");
        EntityName.setAttribute('name', "EntityName");

        var DefaultAdvFindViewId = document.createElement("input");
        DefaultAdvFindViewId.setAttribute('type', "hidden");
        DefaultAdvFindViewId.setAttribute('name', "DefaultAdvFindViewId");

        var ViewType = document.createElement("input");
        ViewType.setAttribute('type', "hidden");
        ViewType.setAttribute('name', "ViewType");


        vDynamicForm.action = prependOrgName("/AdvancedFind/fetchData.aspx");
        vDynamicForm.FetchXml.value = Instance.FetchXml;
        vDynamicForm.LayoutXml.value = Instance.LayoutXml;
        vDynamicForm.EntityName.value = Instance.Entity;
        vDynamicForm.DefaultAdvFindViewId.value = Instance.QueryId;
        vDynamicForm.ViewType.value = 1039;

        Instance.Iframe.attachEvent("onreadystatechange", OnViewReady);

    function OnViewReady() {
        if (Instance.Iframe.readyState != 'complete') return; = 0;
        Instance.Iframe.detachEvent("onreadystatechange", OnViewReady);
        m_iframeDoc = getIframeDocument();
        m_iframeDoc.body.scroll = "no"; = "0px";

    /// <summary>
    /// Gets Iframe content
    /// </summary>

    function getIframeDocument() {
        return Instance.Iframe.contentWindow.document;


3. Now call loadIFrame() method on the form OnLoad.

That's it, it will shows the view on the Iframe.
Hope it helps!!!

Note:  System/Custom view can be displayed using view GUID. You can customize FetchXML or Grid Layout accordingly based on your requirement. But Adv.Find view's may work in some cases.

Disclaimer: This article is completely unsupported customization. use at your own risk. it might break with feature roll-ups.

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